black bear
Credit: Bkamprath/Getty Images

America's national parks are full of spectacular national scenery and wildlife encounters that give you the chance to witness nature in all its glory.

With spring having arrived, Montana's Glacier National Park is gearing up for its bear populations to start roaming its grounds.

National Park representatives recently shared an adorable video of a sleepy black bear spotted by the park's webcam awakening from hibernation.

"You might hit the snooze button for ten minutes, but bears can take several weeks to fully emerge from hibernation," park representatives wrote in the posting.

The bear can be seen hanging out in a hole in one of the park's trees before popping its head out and slowly opening its eyes for the start of a new season.

In another video, the bear can be seen trying to find a cozy spot in a tree, with park representatives explaining that the area's black bears start to emerge from their dens in the spring when temperatures start warming up and food becomes available.

The male bears are the first to awaken, typically around mid-March, with females and cubs following from late March through mid-April, according to park representatives.

The park is home to both a large number of black and grizzly bears, which you can view if you follow the recommendations and regulations set out by park representatives to ensure your own safety.

These include keeping your distance, as any activity within 100 yards of bears or wolves in the park is prohibited, with park representatives recommending you use binoculars or telephoto lenses.

Similarly, if you spot a bear on one of the park's roads, park representatives ask that you keep a distance of at least 100 yards and pull your vehicle over in a safe location since roadside bears can become attuned to traffic and people, which increases the possibility of them being hit if visitors are not careful.