Anything you can do to make your layover feel shorter is good. You can read a book, shop the duty free — or be like these two toddlers and have a dance-off with airport staff.

Tinlee and Brynlee Vaughn were on a layover in Dallas with their families on Friday, News 5 CBS reported, when they took some time to dance on their way to their next flight.

The Vaughn girls were on their way home to Moore, Oklahoma, after spending a week at Disney World with their family. An employee working on the tarmac spotted the girls through a window and had immediately started to dance. So of course, they joined in.

The girls’ father, Joe, commented that they love to be “silly.” They started mimicking the employee’s dance moves — flapping their arms like chickens and pretending to fly.

The Vaughn family later boarded a flight on Southwest Airlines.

Dancing sure beats waiting in line to board.