Here’s further proof that pandas are probably the most chill animals on the planet.

According to USA Today, an 8-year-old girl had the frightening experience of falling into a panda enclosure in China on Saturday, but managed to escape. Luckily for her, the pandas didn’t seem to mind their little intruder.

According to The Huffington Post, the girl fell to the bottom of the enclosure, about six and a half feet below the viewing area, and was not seriously injured. After the girl escaped, she was taken to the hospital for further examination. It’s unclear exactly how she fell, but it seems she was knocked off a retaining wall.

South China Morning Post reported that the retainer wall has a few gaps that small children might be able to slip through, even though a staff member told the paper that the walls are “quite high, so unless you climb over them it would be impossible to fall in.”

Visitors and guards scrambled to help the girl out by lowering a bamboo rod down for her to grab, but a video of the ordeal shows that it seems that she wasn’t in immediate danger. Pandas in the enclosure, though curious, look like they’re only just doing what everyone else is doing: stopping and staring.

Even though they get rather close to the girl, they don’t seem to have any interest in harming her. Or much interest in her being there at all, really. But hey, it’s something to watch, right?

Still, the research center put up signs after the event warning guests to stay back from the animals, as they are not as “docile” as they may appear, according to The Huffington Post.

Of course, falling into an animal enclosure is a truly serious and dangerous situation. Regardless of whether the animal is predatory or not, falling in can run a risk of many types of injury. Plus, animals usually aren’t too keen on having random humans invading their space, like a pack of cheetahs in a safari park in the Netherlands who attacked a family that left their car.

Fortunately, the pandas at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province are pretty casual and cool. Pandas from this research center have visited zoos all over the world.

But, even though these particular pandas seem totally relaxed an cuddly, it’s still best to exercise caution and don’t try this at your local zoo.