This Girl Tested Southwest's Two Bag Limit by Checking a Pool Noodle in a Hilarious TikTok

It's not vacation without a noodle.

Self bag check at Southwest Airlines
Photo: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines says it allows passengers to fly with two bags for free, however, college student Sydney Fowls didn't quite believe it. So, she put it to the test in the most inventive way possible.

In June, Fowls went viral on TikTok thanks to her attempt to test the limits of the two bag rule after making a $20 bet with her family that she could fly a pool noodle to her destination.

While flying from Ohio to Tampa for a sun-filled, poolside vacation, Fowls decided to check a single pool noodle as her second bag. The surprising luggage choice didn't seem to bother the airline staff at all, and, as Fowls' TikTok proved, the baggage crew got quite a kick out of the entire ordeal.

"It was a $20 bet!! As a broke college student who is an education major… I just couldn't resist," Fowls explained in a second TikTok as to why she pushed the two bag limit. And, she importantly noted, "I did not have to pay to bring my noodle."

As of this writing, Fowls' initial TikTok has garnered some 11 million views, proving once again that everyone loves a good deal when traveling.

Southwest quickly gained wind of its baggage policy's newfound viral fame and thanked Fowls by hand-delivering her a new Southwest branded pool noodle upon her return. The airline also filled the baggage claim with noodles and even put on a little show outside the aircraft, which Fowls diligently documented on TikTok as well.

"My pool noodle made it back home to Ohio," Fowls added. "Thank you Southwest Airlines for everything you did for me!" And now, at least you know you can bring your beach accessories along for your next vacation, too.

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