By Andrea Romano
January 15, 2019
Courtesy of Disney

The magical world of Disney just got a new resident, and some park goers actually got to see it say hello to the world.

According to the Walt Disney World News Today Instagram account, a pregnant giraffe at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom was spotted giving birth to her calf right in the middle of the savanna in the park’s popular Kilimanjaro Safari on Jan. 14.

Normally, the animals would be taken back to enclosures to let nature take its course in private, but some lucky park guests not only got a fun ride through the popular park attraction, but also got a full view of one of Earth’s many wonders as well. It’s like watching an Animal Planet documentary, but up close and personal.

“We interrupt this regularly scheduled Monday to bring you A LIVE BIRTH AT KILIMANJARO SAFARIS. That’s right! A sweet giraffe mama is currently giving birth on the savanna. They tried bringing her backstage, but she just wants to chill tbh,” WDW News Today wrote in its Instagram caption.

If you look closely at the Instagram video, you can see the baby giraffe in its first moments of birth, sticking its little hoof out first.

According to Heavy., some park goers may have actually been present at the ultimate moment of delivery. The birthing process itself can take somewhere between 30 minutes and two hours, though it is unclear how long this little giraffe took to come into the world.

The Kilimanjaro Safari is currently closed, Heavy. reported. It is unclear whether it is due to the giraffe birth or when it will be reopened to guests.