Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley/Getty Images

Officials at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, England, have launched an investigation after the window of a visitor's car came smashing down on the head of a giraffe that peeked its head into the vehicle.

In footage taken of the incident, the giraffe can be seen poking its head into the opened window of a stopped vehicle before the window is rolled up, leaving the giraffe’s head trapped inside until the window shatters around it.

Visitors who happened to be parked next to the vehicle recorded the incident, though park officials have yet to confirm when the footage was taken.

“The giraffe was checked over immediately by staff and sustained no injuries from the glass,” a spokesperson from the park told Travel + Leisure. Officials also said they will be providing further details of what ensued once the investigation is complete.

While visitors are able to feed some animals in the park from their cars in certain designated areas, park officials ask that they keep their windows half shut and keep their hands stretched outside of the vehicle when doing so, according to The Times.

The park has a feeding experience made specifically for giraffes, giving you the chance to take a private tour with a safari guide to get up close to the animals before the park opens to other guests.

The footage started making its rounds just as West Midlands Safari Park has been dealing with the tragic death of a two-month-old girl who suffered cardiac arrest at the park on the morning of Easter on April 1.

The child was taken to a local hospital, where she later passed away.