Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Credit: Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

It’s sweet that royal fans all over the globe want to shower little Prince George and Princess Charlotte with gifts during the holiday season. And truly, it’s no surprise that they are sent thousands of packages over the month of December. But, if you’re thinking about sending the youngest members of the royal family a care package this year, you may want to think again.

According to Daily Mail, Prince William and Kate Middleton are extremely cautious about the gifts their children receive from fans. It’s not necesarily that they are worried you’ll send their children an inappropriate gift, but rather the fact that they are afraid their children will become too spoiled by all the love.

A source told Us Weekly the couple is “extremely careful” because they believe “receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids.” Having spoiled children, according to the source, is “their worst nightmare.”

So what are Prince George and Prince Charlotte getting for Christmas this year? As Daily Mail speculated, George will likely get the police car he asked his father and Santa for, while a doll house is a “strong contender” for Charlotte.

But what happens to all the gifts you send? Don’t worry, the presents still go to extremely worthy homes.

The majority of gifts sent to the youngest royals from fans around the world are quietly donated to charities and toy banks, the source shared with Us Weekly.

And really, as we have discussed before, the royal family isn’t keen on giving one another too many expensive gifts over the holiday season. Instead, the family (who really has everything anyway) chooses to spend time together in their estate known as the Sandringham House. There, they dine together, attend church together, and prepare for the epic royal year to come.