And you'll be able to see the beautiful German countryside.
View of Munich, Germany in the fall
Credit: sborisov/Getty Images

A new high-speed rail line operated by the German company Deutsche Bahn will allow passengers to travel the 363-mile distance between the cities of Berlin and Munich in less than four hours.

Currently, the quickest way to travel between the two cities takes six hours by train, but the new line will get customers there in just three hours and 55 minutes. According to the Associated Press, trains on the new line will be able to travel at speeds of up to 186 miles per hour.

The new fast trains, which will be available to the public starting on Sunday, will run three times a day in either direction, AP reports, while regular trains between the two cities will continue to run every hour.

According to the German edition of The Local, with faster trains come higher fares. First-class, full-fare tickets on the new long-distance trains will be 2.9% more expensive, while second class full fare tickets will set customers back around 1.9% more. That means a one-way ticket from Munich to Berlin on Sunday would set you back around €125 ($147), whereas the current six-hour train costs between €75 and €120 (or between $88 and $141).