Geneva, Switzerland Is Handing Out Gift Cards to Travelers to Encourage Tourism

The gift cards contain over $100 that can be used at various establishments around the city.

This aerial photo was captured above the Old Town during springtime in Geneva, Switzerland. Enjoy the spectacular overview to St. Peter Cathedral, Lake Geneva and roofs of the city's old town.
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There’s no better present than a gift card, especially when it allows you to have an amazing vacation.

According to Lonely Planet, the city of Geneva, Switzerland, is now offering incentives to travelers that can be redeemed at restaurants, bars, and other activities and venues around the city. The city hopes that the “gift card” will help encourage a bounce-back in tourism after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Geneva Gift Card is for 100 Swiss francs (about $110 USD) and can be used at several participating businesses, including 58 hotels, 66 bars and restaurants, and even some tourist attractions, Lonely Planet reported. If a tourist is staying at a participating hotel and is staying for at least two nights, they will receive the card upon checking in.

Sadly, this card is only available per room, not per person, according to Lonely Planet, and is only valid through December 2020.

In addition to the gift card, visitors at Geneva International Airport will also get a ticket that is good for 80 minutes upon arrival at the airport so tourists can get to their accommodation without the extra cost, according to Lonely Planet. If they are staying at a participating hotel, they may also receive a Geneva Transport Card that allows them to use public transit in the city for free.

It’s important to note that while these gift cards are certainly good incentives to entice tourists to the city, Switzerland also has some strict rules about who can or can’t travel to the country at the moment, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information about traveling in Switzerland, visit the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health website.

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