By Andrea Romano
October 12, 2018
Credit: Todd Whelen/EyeEm/Getty Images

Getting incessant, mystery phone calls can be a hassle. It’s even worse when they’re from a tiny lizard.

Well, maybe not worse, but definitely weirder.

Dr. Claire Simeone, a director of Ke Kai Ola Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital in Hawaii wrote on Twitter that she was called over and over from her work while she was out to lunch. When she answered no one was on the other end of the line.

“NINE calls in 15 minutes. I start to panic a bit, and drive back to the hospital. Seal emergency? I am on it,” Dr. Simeone wrote in her Twitter thread.

But when she arrived at the hospital, she found that no one was having a so-called "seal emergency." In fact, everything seemed fine, and to make it even more of a mystery, no one confessed to calling her.

After speaking with IT to see if the phone system was on the fritz, Dr. Simeone found out that several other people had been getting strange calls from the office.

“Several other people call the hospital, asking WHY WE ARE CALLING THEM INCESSANTLY?” she wrote, adding in another tweet, “a bazillion calls are coming from one line. But I look at our office line. It’s not that one. [The IT representative] asks me to look around to find the problem line.”

Her search eventually led her to the hospital laboratory where she found the culprit: a tiny gecko, perched on top of a touch-screen phone.

“I had to apologize to @HawaiianTel man, who said 'well, I haven’t heard that one before.' I had to send out a note to all of our staff and volunteers, who may have received telemarketing calls. I immediately hired gecko,” she wrote.

The gecko, according to Gizmodo, was not a patient at the hospital, but a local who had wandered in from outside.

So the mystery is solved and a lucky gecko has found itself a lucrative career in customer service, much like the proud Geico geckos before it.

Dr. Simeone’s entire thread can be read on Twitter.