Complete with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and a Blink-182 cover band.

By Andrea Romano
April 09, 2019
Bruce Leighty/Getty Images [edited]

The Fyre Festival may be gone, but it’s definitely not forgotten. And now’s your chance to actually live the disaster for yourself (if you didn’t do it the first time).

According to the Chicago Tribune, a Fyre Festival themed pop-up bar called Fyre Festival: The Pop-up is coming to Lincoln Park next month. After the hype over the Netflix and Hulu documentaries about the failed music festival has finally faded into the zeitgeist, it seems like we’ll never escape the “Greatest Party That Never Happened.”

But as it stands, this pop-up bar will definitely be less disappointing than the ill-fated festival-that-never-was. The pop-up will be held at the bar/arcade, Replay, where attendees can sip on tiki drinks, watch the infamous Netflix and Hulu documentaries, enjoy a fire pit, cabanas, palm trees, and even relief tents fashioned after the domed tents from the original festival.

In the Fyre Festival spirit, attendees can purchase VIP tents and villas for group rentals at $50. But the difference is that they’ll actually be there when you arrive.

It may seem a little callous to be making fun of the doomed festival, considering that local businesses and workers were the people who were most impacted by the scam. According to Insider, thousands of people donated to a GoFundMe to help pay back a caterer who lost thousands trying to feed Fyre Festival attendees and never got paid back. Similarly, another GoFundMe was started for construction workers who were never paid for their labor.

However, most of the more tongue-in-cheek aspects of the pop-up bar tend to punch at the multi-millionaire founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. Drinks and snack specials include Ja’s Bahama Mama, Pineapple Upside Down Martini, and a Frozen Rum Runner, as well as “gourmet cheese sandwiches” and Evian Water, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A Blink-182 cover band is also promised to show up to the pop-up, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, but honestly, it would be more fitting if they ended up canceling. Otherwise, you can expect to enjoy lots of 2000’s hit music (like Ja Rule and Major Lazer) to dance to. Attendees can also enjoy a weenie roast, s’mores night and a treasure hunt, depending on when they go.

But the part that really puts this pop-up streets ahead of the actual Fyre Festival is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get in. In fact, attendance is completely free (though drinks and food are not). However, if you want to attend the opening-night party, the cover charge is $20, which includes a fishbowl cocktail, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Fyre Festival: The Pop-up will be held at Replay in Lincoln Park, in the heart of Chicago, from May 3 to May 19.

More information can be found on the Replay website.