Thanks to the internet and some DNA tests, two life-long friends discovered that they’ve been brothers the whole time.

Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane, best friends of 60 years, revealed to friends and family last week that they have the same mother.

After searching on and registering their DNA test results, the two discovered online that they had very similar DNA, including an identical X chromosome. Although it was a surprise, they said that the discovery made sense. Robinson was adopted, and Macfarlane never knew his father.

“It was a shock, definitely and then we thought about it and compared forearms,” Macfarlane told KHON2 News in Hawaii. “Hairy arms! That did it,” Robinson added.

They were born 15 months apart and first met in sixth grade. Later in high school, they played football together on their school team. They remained friends, playing cribbage together for the past 60 years.

“This guy was, he was like an older brother all along,” Robinson told KITV. “You know we'd go to Punaluu go skin-diving, I'd be making noise in the water splashing around, he'd be teaching me how to do it right. He'd always come out of the water with the biggest string of fish and I had the smallest.”

The emotional reveal brought Robinson to tears. “This is the best Christmas present I could ever imagine having,” he told local news.

The brothers say they now plan to travel and enjoy their retirements together.