By Andrea Romano
August 23, 2018

If you've been wishing for the perfect home to live out a fairy-tale princess fantasy, this is the real estate listing for you.

A 19th-century chateau near Poitiers in western France is officially on the market for €5.5 million (just under $6.4 million USD). While that might seem like a hefty price tag, you might still be tempted when you see that it looks like a castle fit for a real-life Disney princess.

Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Walt Disney himself used photos of this place to inspire his classic movies.

The four-level chateau boasts over 9,600 square feet of living space, which is fully updated for modern living, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, air conditioned wine cellar, home theater, game room, and totally updated bedrooms and bathrooms, the Metro reported.

In addition, the property has more than 71 acres of gorgeous, French countryside, including a dovecote (a structure for raising domesticated pigeons) and a sheepfold (a pen for sheep) which can “be used for equestrian purposes,” according to the listing.

Living in a castle with our very own ponies? Sign us up.

The property is currently being managed by Maxwell Baynes Real Estate, which describes the chateau as “a beautiful and luxurious haven of peace.”

But really, we’re just wondering how many people we can invite to our housewarming ball.