Whitecliff and Culver Down, Isle of Wight, England, UK
Credit: Jon Boyes/Getty Images

A 22-mile bridge could make it possible to drive from England to France — if it ever gets built.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson proposed building a bridge from England to France at an Anglo-French summit in Britain on Thursday, according to a report from The Guardian. In the wake of Brexit, Johnson said he wants to expand transportation options from the island country.

Johnson reportedly said that it was “ridiculous” the two countries are only “linked by a single railway,” the underwater Eurostar tunnel. French President Emmanuel Macron agreed, saying, “Let’s do it.”

If constructed, the bridge would rank among the 20 longest bridges in the world (the current record is held by China’s Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, which spans 102 miles).

The bridge would make it possible to drive from England all the way to Asia without getting off the road. Currently, those who wish to drive from England must drive their cars onto a large ferry.

However there are a few obstructions that could stop this theoretical bridge from ever being built. As UK Shipping tweeted: “Building a huge concrete structure in the middle of the world’s busiest shipping lane might come with some challenges.”

Many are more skeptical of Johnson himself. The Foreign Secretary has a history of proposing radical public projects that never come to fruition, including “an island airport in a birdstrike zone, the most expensive footbridge in history and a bus that was so hot inside it doubled up as a mobile sauna,” Adam Bienkov, UK political editor for Business Insider tweeted.

Johnson is not the first person to propose a land link between France and England. In 1981, the British government floated the idea of a bridge. They instead built the underground tunnel.