Forty Five Ten offers a glimpse of vintage shopping in the future.

By Siobhan Reid
April 15, 2019
Forty Five Ten at Hudson Yards
Credit: Max Burkhalter

All too often, vintage shopping involves rummaging through heaps of tattered clothing in a sepia-colored space that looks and smells like your grandparents’ basement.

If only someone could do this godawful work for me, you think as you rifle through trunks full of moth-eaten mini dresses from who knows what decade.

Of course, the ends occasionally justify the means — and if you’ve ever scored a one-of-a-kind treasure (say, a pair of perfectly curve-hugging vintage Levi’s or an iconic Chanel tweed jacket) it can be hard to ever step foot in a shopping mall again.

But if the shopping mall in question is New York City’s Hudson Yards, a $2-billion retail complex home to luxury retail like Cartier and Dior, you might want to make an exception. Because the just-opened shopping center is also the address of one of the best-curated vintage stores in Manhattan.

Forty Five Ten at Hudson Yards
Credit: Max Burkhalter

One of four concepts that comprise Forty Five Ten’s New York City outpost (the Dallas-based retailer also has locations in Napa, Miami, and Aspen), the vintage store stocks a stylish collection of ready-to-wear pieces and rare gems — everything from Julius Cohen carved jade rings to Halston leopard print slip dresses from the 1970s.

Kristen Cole

“New York fashion girls really get and appreciate the right vintage pieces,” Forty Five Ten’s president and creative director, Kristen Cole, told Travel + Leisure. “So a lot of what we’re offering ties back to our ready-to-wear trends in emerging and designer.”

The shop focuses on of-the-moment apparel from the 1970s through '90s, while the jewelry runs the gamut from Victorian era gems to deco-inspired baubles. Everything, down to the vintage books and magazines, curated by Jennifer Brandt-Taylor, have been hand-picked by specialized collectors like Texan jeweler Katie Caplener and Berlin-based creative duo Rianna Nektaria Kounou and Nina Knaudt – so you'll never have to sort through piles of musty discards again.

Forty Five Ten at Hudson Yards
Credit: Max Burkhalter

After discovering a vintage piece you love, complete your look by moseying around the rest of the 16,000-square-foot store, which also has sections dedicated to women’s and men’s designer clothing and emerging fashion and home design.

“I want our clients to be able to seamlessly dip into these different offerings and experiences,” said Cole, “and get everything they could possibly want in one place."