It's a plane! It's a train! It's a train that turns into a plane and back again.

By Cailey Rizzo
July 17, 2018
Akka Technologies' Link&Fly Concept Aircraft
Credit: Courtesy of Akka Technologies

Your plane lands at its final destination. Its wings come off and the plane becomes a train, ushering you into the city center. You step off your flight in the middle of your destination, ready to explore.

The time-saving pipedream could become reality through an amorphous transport concept from a French company.

The “Link & Fly” from Akka Technologies is basically a train that transforms into a plane and then back again. It’s still just a concept but it proposes an interesting future for aviation.

“After cars go electric and autonomous, the next big disruption will be in airplanes,” Akka’s Chief Executive Officer Maurice Ricci told Bloomberg.

On the Link & Fly, passengers would board a modular pod from a neighborhood station. They would scan their retinas as security before the pod shuttles off to the airport. Once at the airport, the pod would join to a component of wings and jet engines. The process would happen in reverse upon landing.

Akka Technologies' Link&Fly Concept Aircraft
Credit: Courtesy of Akka Technologies

Akka is pitching the idea to Boeing. The plane is about the same size as the Airbus A320, capable of carrying 162 passengers. The seats can be removed so the vehicles could transport cargo instead. When the wings are attached to the pod, the Link & Fly has a wingspan of about 160 feet and is 110 feet long. According to Akka, airports would not need to change to accommodate the vehicle.

Of course, there are several safety concerns that the group would have to overcome to make the project a reality. Mainly: What would happen if the pod somehow came detached from its wings?

Because the project is still just a concept, there is no projected date as to when we could see it rolling through towns or soaring through the sky.