Even the pilots "were on the verge of throwing up."

nearly all passenger threw up on flight
The last United Airlines 747 is greeted by water cannons after it makes its final landing at Dulles International Airport October 19, 2017 in Dulles, VA.
| Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

A plane ride took a sickening turn Friday after a windstorm caused severe turbulence on a flight bound for Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia.

A line from the official report for the flight reads, “Very bumpy on descent. Pretty much every one on the plane threw up. Pilots were on the verge of throwing up.”

The United Airlines flight from Charlottesville, Va. to Dulles arrived at 7:19 a.m.,NBC reported. The windstorm saw gusts of over 30 mph, bringing down trees and even turning over tractor trailers, according to the Baltimore Sun. Over 100,000 power outages were also reported.

Dulles Airport said on its Twitter account that the FAA tower had to be temporarily evacuated due to high winds.

Meanwhile, thousands of flights along the East Coast have been hit with cancellations due to a nor’easter called winter storm Riley.