United Airlines airport gate
Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

Most travelers can agree that gate checking their bags can be a hassle, but it’s a necessary hassle nonetheless in order to get to where you’re going.

Unfortunately, there are some out there who need to stand their ground on keeping their carry-ons, even if it means holding up everyone else.

A woman delayed a United Airlines flight from Indianapolis to Newark on Monday after refusing to gate check an oversized bag. The Indy Star reported that the woman became “verbally abusive” toward crew members, according to the airline, and refused to leave the plane when asked to deboard.

Other passengers attempted to help the woman with her bag, but were unable to fit it in the overhead bin.

Eventually, other arrangements were made for the woman on another flight. However, after the woman had left the aircraft, the remaining passengers, unfortunately were also asked to return to the terminal.

“Most people were not really that upset. Most were in good spirits and laughing,” one passenger told the Indy Star. “One of the ticketing agents came and played with our 8-month-old for almost an hour.”

“A customer on United Express flight 3708 from Indianapolis to Newark was asked to check her oversized bag, and she refused to do so,” United Airlines said in a statement. “She became verbally abusive to the crew and they asked her to leave the aircraft. The customer refused and all customers were asked to deplane. To minimize the inconvenience to our customers, we arranged for a different aircraft to make the flight from Indianapolis to Newark last night.”