By Andrea Romano
November 13, 2018

Being a flight attendant can be tough, especially when you have rude or unreasonable passengers pestering you.

According to the Daily Mail, one flight attendant for an unknown airline on a flight to Japan met one such unhappy passenger who complained about not having an actual window by their supposed “window seat.”

Some of us have been there. You go online to choose your seat at check in, thinking you’ll have a view of the clouds when you choose a window seat. Then, low and behold, the window is actually nonexistent. This can actually happen for a lot of reasons. For example, a last minute change in aircraft might result in your seat looking a little different than you originally thought.

But there are two ways to handle this as a passenger: shrug and deal with it (you’ll probably just sleep through the flight anyway), or kindly request a seat change.

This passenger, according to the Daily Mail, did neither.

According to Twitter user @kooo_TmS_suke, who was also on the flight, the rude passenger in question simply said “give me a window seat” to the flight attendant during drinks service.

In response, the flight attendant walked away, according to the Twitter user, and came back with a crude and hilarious drawing of an airplane window looking out on the clouds and ocean horizon and stuck it to the passenger’s wall.

The picture has been retweeted about 7,800 times on Twitter, with many people applauding the flight attendant’s witty retort.

Maybe a please or thank you would have gotten the passenger an actual seat change — or at least a full color illustration.