Going to the Super Bowl is an exciting moment for any fan. And probably a headache for airline staff.

The mood on a Spirit Airlines flight full of Philadelphia Eagles fans from Los Angeles, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, February 2, was friendly but incredibly boisterous, Huffington Post reported.

The flight was mere days before the Eagles won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots on Sunday, and it seems these fans had their hopes high for their favorite team — to the point where a flight attendant actually had to get on the plane’s PA system and tell the entire flight to “tone it down.”

PSA: Never tell a football fan to tone it down before the Super Bowl.

In a Twitter video captured by passenger Tony Hermosillo, you can hear the flight attendant politely ask the fans to calm themselves, saying, “I know you’re excited.” He was, of course, met with “boos,” followed by the entire flight singing the Eagles’ fight song.

You can’t stop team spirit.