The royal groom's ex-wife will walk him down the aisle.

Meghan Markle may have made history a few weeks ago as a biracial and American royal bride, but soon another member of the royal family will enter the wedding history books.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the Queen's cousin, will soon become the first gay royal family member to marry his partner.

According to E! News, Lord Mountbatten came out in 2016, becoming the first member of the royal family to do so. As E! also noted, Lord Mountbatten was married to a woman, Penny, prior to coming out. The pair share three daughters, Ella, 22, Alix, 20, and Luli, 15. He reportedly told Penny before their engagement that he was bisexual.

Now, Lord Mountbatten will wed James Coyle in a lavish royal ceremony — and his ex-wife is incredibly supportive. In fact, she will be there to walk him down the aisle.

"It was the girls' idea," Penny told the Daily Mail. "It makes me feel quite emotional. I'm really very touched."

As for how her ex-husband has changed since coming out, Penny said he’s softened in a way she couldn’t imagine.

“Ivar is so much more relaxed these days. He's so much kinder. He's become a great cook. I now call him Fanny Cradock,” she said. “He probably wasn't even aware that by keeping his sexuality a secret it was really quite tormenting him. Now it's 'out' he's a completely different person. Everybody says they've never seen him happier.”

James told the Daily Mail that the wedding will be a smaller affair, with about 120 guests in attendance. The ceremony will be held at a private chapel on his own country estate in Devon.

"For me, what's interesting is I don't need to get married because I've been there, done that and have my wonderful children; but I'm pushing it because I think it's important for him," Lord Mountbatten said. "James hasn't had the stable life I have. I want to be able to give [him] that."

The one thing you likely won’t see at this wedding is two miniature grooms adorning the top of a wedding cake. “We’ll probably have cheese instead of cake,” Lord Mountbatten said.