Uber Reveals How Drivers Exactly Rate Riders in New In-app Feature

Riders to finally see how many 5-star reviews — or not-so-5-star reviews — they've received.

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Uber is breaking down customer ratings as part of the company's new "Privacy Center," allowing riders to finally see how many 5-star reviews — or not-so-5-star reviews — they've received.

The new feature, launched on Wednesday, allows users to see a breakdown of all the reviews drivers have left for them, the rideshare company shared with Travel + Leisure. Customers, however, will not be able to see which ride corresponds to which star-based review.

"We launched the Privacy Center, which features a ratings breakdown, to provide users with more transparency and easier access to their data," Zach Singleton, the head of privacy and equity products at Uber, told T+L. "We hope that by giving users a peek into how their rating is calculated, we can help encourage positive experiences between riders and drivers on every trip."

Customers can access the new Privacy Center through the settings tab and see their personal stats in the tab that says "would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?" Customers can then scroll down to "browse your data" and tap on "view my ratings" to see the breakdown.

Customers will also be able to see their past trips and control marketing preferences in the privacy center.

And for those who aren't too thrilled with their rating, Uber recommended a few things customers can do to improve that number: always take your trash with you, buckle up in the back seat, be ready when your driver approaches, always treat your driver and the vehicle with respect, and try not to slam the door.

The privacy center is one of several new features Uber has introduced in recent months. In November, the company launched a membership program with discounts and perks on rides, food deliveries, and more. Uber has also introduced the ability to reserve a car for an airport pickup in advance, request a favorite driver for a future trip, and even book a car by the hour.

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