Fans are coming together to help its owners raise funds to fix the damage.
Field of Dreams Movie field, Iowa
Credit: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Apparently, if you build it, he will just come and destroy it.

Kevin Costner fans out there probably remember the film "Field of Dreams" from 1989 about a man who loves two things: baseball and listening to an omniscient voice inside his head. Listening to said voice, he builds a baseball diamond in the middle of a field, which summons ghosts of great ball players past.

Field of Dreams Movie field, Iowa
Credit: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

It’s about second chances and dreams and lots of people like that movie. So much so that the field where the movie was shot, located in Dyersville, Iowa, became a big tourist draw.

Until now, that is, because someone decided to trample all over our baseball dreams by driving their car around it, tearing up grass, and leaving 4-inch-deep car-scars in the middle of the diamond on Monday.

According to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, the damage was made more severe due to the soil being wet from rain. It’s estimated that the damage could take an entire season to repair.

Shoeless Joe Jackson would be ashamed.

The owner of the field, Denise Stillman, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to repair the Field of Dreams. They’re currently setting their goal at $15,000 to repair the baseball diamond and install a security system.

As of writing this article, over $11,000 has been raised thanks to donors.

“Someone who is disturbed had some agenda to damage the field. It’s upsetting,” Stillman told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald. She also mentioned that the field’s sprinkler system was damaged.

The Stillmans will not be able to make repairs until spring, however, the field will remain open to tourists.

The vandal responsible hasn’t been found, since the field does not have a security system.