By Evie Carrick
April 16, 2019

A fatal crash that killed three people and injured three others marked yet another blow to Nepal’s high-altitude Lukla Airport (also known as Tenzing-Hillary). On Saturday, a plane veered off the runway and hit a stationary helicopter, killing the airplane’s pilot and two police officers who were standing near the helicopter. The reason for the crash is unclear. Officials said the incident happened in good weather, according to the BBC.

The airport, which is often named as one of the world’s most dangerous, is the main gateway to the Everest region and sits at an altitude of 9,333 feet. Takeoff and landing at the airport is extremely difficult as the runway is short, sits on the edge of a cliff, and is surrounded by mountains.

Lukla Aiport, Nepal
Credit: JustinRayboun/Getty Images

Less than two years ago, two pilots died in similar circumstances, while in 2008, 18 people – mainly tourists – were killed while landing at the airport.

Both the plane and the helicopter were owned by companies that take travelers, climbers, and locals to the Everest region.