For the second consecutive year, the Faroe Islands will close for maintenance, but there's still one way to be a visitor — you'll need to volunteer.

On April 16th and 17th of 2020, 100 volunteers will be able to stay with locals, work alongside them in repairing tourist attractions and share all their meals. They will partake in maintenance projects in the Faroese countryside, including rebuilding tunnels, repairing walkways and draining places that have flooded.

Faroe Islands to close for maintentance in April 2020
Credit: Janne Kahila/Getty Images

“For us, tourism is not all about numbers," Guðrið Højgaard, Director at Visit Faroe Islands, said in a statement. "We welcome visitors to the islands each year, but we also have a responsibility to our community and to our beautiful environment, and our aim is to preserve and protect the islands, ensuring sustainable and responsible growth."

Because last year’s volunteering program was so popular, the Faroe Islands plan on making it an annual event. Thousands of applications from 25 countries came through last year for just 100 spots. So if you want to visit and volunteer in 2020, apply early.

Volunteers who are selected will have to pay for their own airfare to and from the islands.

Although the Faroe Islands are not plagued by over-tourism, infrastructure and maintenance are a priority of the local tourism board. Tourism to the Faroe Islands has increased 10 percent over the past few years. Last year, 110,000 people visited the island — compared to its overall population of about 51,000.