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When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it’s important to follow directions for your own safety. This is especially true if you’re on safari.

It’s common for conservation areas to offer self-guided safari tours in which people can drive through to observe the wildlife, but that doesn’t mean these animals have abandoned all their instincts. Wild animals are still, well, wild.

A French family visiting Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the southern Netherlands learned this lesson the hard way after leaving their car twice in order to get up close and personal with some cheetahs.

The people in the car behind them, who caught the family’s interactions on video, were flabbergasted that they would be so bold (read: foolish) as to leave their car in such a potentially dangerous area.

In the first video, the family seemed to not bother any of the big cats and managed to take a photo and get back into their car. But further down the road, they decided to venture out a little further, which prompted the cheetahs to chase them (a natural reaction for the species).

The three adults and two children narrowly escaped being attacked as they ran for the car. One of the women and a small child could be seen lagging behind and getting blocked by a cheetah, but the woman scooped up the child and managed to shoo the animal away.

A spokesperson for the park told the Daily Mail that all visitors are told explicitly, in many languages, to stay in their cars for the duration of their tours.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe this family.