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In the southeastern German state of Bavaria, people do not fool around when it comes to school attendance.

More than 20 families were reported to their respective school administrations for violating truancy rules. Since schooling is mandatory except in extraordinary circumstances in many parts of Bavaria, these offenses could result in fines ranging from a few euros per day the child was out to as high as €1,000 (about $1,179 USD), BR24 reported.

Police busted 11 cases of parents letting their children skip school so the family could leave a couple days earlier for vacation at Nuremberg Airport. They also busted 10 families where children were just skipping classes at Memmingen Airport, the Local reported.

Unlike in the U.S., Bavarian school children don’t get the entire summer off between grades. In Bavaria, some kids get two weeks off starting on Pentecost (May 19 this year), and some only get a three-day weekend before returning to school.

But some families may have wanted to leave a little early in order to get cheaper flights or travel arrangements, or simply to avoid crowds.

However, Bavaria's minister of education, Bernd Sibler, warned that parents shouldn’t break the rules for a simple travel convenience, and that their child’s time in school is extremely valuable. "I appeal to all parents to be aware of their role model position when it comes to the start of their holidays,” he said.

Stay in school, kids, or your family vacation could become a lot more expensive for mom and dad.