By Andrea Romano
September 05, 2018
A man carried this realistic replica improvised explosive device (IED) to a Newark Liberty International Airport checkpoint this morning, Sept. 4, which resulted in his arrest. His actions inconvenienced hundreds of passengers.
| Credit: Courtesy of TSA

A man traveling through Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday morning was arrested after a dummy bomb meant to resemble an explosive device led authorities to close six security lanes, NBC News reported. The unnamed man was carrying the inactive, though realistic, device in order to present at a security training event in Florida.

A spokesperson for the Transportation Security Association said to NBC News that the device was “built and designed to mimic a fully assembled bomb when viewed on an X-ray monitor.” The TSA and the Essex County Bomb Squad treated it as a real threat.

“We do not take chances when it comes to protecting the lives of travelers,” Tom Carter, the New Jersey TSA federal security director, told reporters.

Carter added that the traveler, as someone who works in safety and security, should have used more caution since he knew that he was traveling with a device that literally looks like a bomb.

“He should have known better than to bring it to an active checkpoint,” Carter said. “His foolish actions inconvenienced hundreds of passengers today.”

NBC News reported that although the TSA can charge fines up to $13,000 for weapons, it is unclear how much in fines the organization can impose for replicas.