By Andrea Romano
August 13, 2018
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It’s a dog-eat-dog world for travelers looking for a power outlet in an airport.

And unfortunately, there are some twisted people on this planet that just want to cause chaos wherever they go.

Travelers on Twitter have captured some of the most obnoxious pranking ever to happen in an airport. Some anonymous pranksters have been posting photorealistic stickers of wall outlets in random spots in airports around the country, including St. Louis Lambert International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, The Daily Mail and TIME reported.

Some of the spots look like perfectly sensible places for an outlet (take the hint, airports), and others are downright nonsensical. Some stickers have been found on trash cans.

These airport sticker pranks aren’t new in 2018. Last year, an internet trickster took a video of an unsuspecting traveler who was hoodwinked by their dubious ruse, TIME reported.

Some of these mischief makers are even bragging about purchasing the stickers on social media. Such madness.

The stickers can be purchased on Amazon for about $9. We encourage people to refrain from buying them, though. No one will appreciate this joke.