Facebook Lists feature
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook

Facebook announced a new feature on Tuesday, allowing users to post lists to the News Feed.

The feature, which will be rolled out immediately, has more than a few useful applications for travelers.

For example, lists can be used to easily bullet out and share a round up of your dream destinations and bucket list adventures. You can then ask friends to weigh in on where you should travel next. Once you’ve selected a destination — Paris, for example — you can use a list to propose a detailed itinerary of your vacation. You could also create an index of all the places you want to eat, and call upon your followers to help you narrow down an otherwise unwieldy list of boulangeries in Paris.

According to Facebook, the lists feature also lets you clone other lists you see, making it easy to save and expand upon other travelers’ suggestions.

The social network also recommended using lists to collaborate on travel hacks (like how to score a cheap flights or get a hotel room upgrade). And, like status updates, lists can be personalized with colorful backgrounds and emojis.

To add a list to your feed, select the new list icon next to the options to insert a live video or photo.