Take control of your News Feed preferences and see your favorite content first.
Promenade des Anglais and coast line Nice, cote dAzur, France.
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We get it: your Facebook News Feed is currently more full of status updates, news articles, and memes than you can handle. Thanks to a new update from Facebook, however, things are about to change a bit.

Facebook announced a few weeks ago that it would begin to prioritize content from users’ friends and family, rather than from pages and publishers they follow. While this means you’ll likely receive more updates on the lives of your loved ones, it also means that stories from sites you love may not make it into your feed.

If you want to continue seeing stories from Travel + Leisure and your other favorite publications when you log into Facebook, there are a few easy steps you can take to make it happen.

When logged into Facebook on your computer, navigate to the upper right hand corner and click the down arrow to open the menu. There, you’ll see an option to select News Feed Preferences. Here, click “prioritize who to see first” and select any and all of the publications, pages, and even friends you’d like to stay up-to-date on. (In the Facebook mobile app, you’ll find this option under the “More” tab by selecting Settings, then News Feed Preferences.) If you select Travel + Leisure in this menu, our page will be prioritized, meaning you’ll be sure to see all of the travel news, flight deals, and dream destinations we post about on a daily basis at the top of your feed.

Step 1: Highlighting T+L on Facebook
Credit: Travel + Leisure Facebook

Additionally, users can visit Travel + Leisure’s Facebook page, follow the page, and select “See First” in the drop down menu under Following.

Step 2: Highlighting T+L on Facebook
Credit: Travel + Leisure Facebook

While you’ll still see content from family and friends in your News Feed, these steps can help to ensure that you won’t lose the travel coverage you love, either.

Step 3: Highlighting T+L on Facebook
Credit: Travel + Leisure Facebook