“Can't repeat the past? ... Why of course you can!” — The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama
Credit: Beth J. Harpaz/AP/REX/Shutterstock

If you count F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald among your favorite writers, there may be no better place to honor their legacy than at their former home — where you can book an overnight stay.

Built in 1909 in Montgomery, Alabama's Old Cloverdale neighborhood, the Craftsman was home to the famed Jazz Age duo from 1931 to 1932. It's here where F. Scott dedicated time to writing the critically acclaimed “Tender Is the Night,” and Zelda the semi-autobiographical “Save Me the Waltz.” It is also here where they last lived with their daughter, Scottie, as a family.

The home has since been subdivided into four apartments, becoming the Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in 1986. According to the museum website, it is the only dedicated museum to the Fitzgeralds in the world, and hosts tours, discussions, workshops, and film events for fans and Fitzgerald novices alike.

This April, the museum opened one of the upstairs apartments as an Airbnb rental, making it the only stop on the Southern Literary Trail where anyone in the public can spend the night.

While you might think guests are prone to throwing 1920's-themed parties reminiscent of “The Great Gatsby,” Fitzgerald Museum director Sara Powell says this is not the case, telling the Associated Press, “Most of the people who would want to stay there probably have a great love for the writer and the writer's work and would have great respect for the property.”

The two-bedroom apartment may not get to see the lively, flashy gatherings Jay Gatsby himself would be proud of, but the Airbnb is not without its 20th-century charms. Inside the apartment are furniture, lamps, rugs, and pillows (with Zelda Fitzgerald quotes) that are designed to recall the Jazz Age era — as you listen or swing dance to jazz on the record player.

F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

The apartment has been renovated with modern necessities, and includes a full kitchen, half bath, and Wi-Fi. To cap it all off, the sun porch promises beautiful views of the massive magnolia tree in the front lawn and additional inspiration for your own creative pursuits.

Each stay at the Fitzgerald Home also comes with a complimentary tour of the museum downstairs, where you will find a copy of F. Scott's transcript from Princeton, 11 of Zelda's paintings, first edition novels, and their personal belongings, according to AP. Book a night starting at $150 per night.