By Cailey Rizzo
July 18, 2018
Historic hospital complex Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain
Credit: Uwe Kraft/Getty Images

A hospital stay is nothing like a retreat at a five-star hotel, but it may have the same pricetag when you’re abroad.

Research from personal finance website revealed that it can be up to 12 times more expensive to spend the night in a hospital than a five-star luxury hotel.

Monaco has one of the most expensive rates per night for a hospital bed. Travelers who end up needing hospital care can expect to pay more than $3,400 for each night. The average price of a five-star hotel is a comparatively measly $500 per night.

Just because a country has universal healthcare for its residents does not mean that a traveler will come away with a cheap medical bill. The second and third most expensive hospital stays are in Luxembourg (about $1,800 per night) and Norway ($1,330 per night), where a five-star hotel costs $154 or $327, respectively.

Even cheaper than a five-star hotel or one night in a hospital is the average cost of travel insurance for one week: about $25. Just be warned that the average travel insurance won’t cover you for accident or illness abroad (it’s more about if you need to cancel your plans). If you’re looking for healthcare coverage while abroad, consider a company like SafeTrip or Travelex. A recent search on SafeTrip retrieved a quote for $12.72 for medical coverage up to $100,000 and a $100 copay in Monaco.

Most Expensive Hospital Beds (Per Night)

  1. Monaco ($3,400)
  2. Luxembourg ($1,800)
  3. Norway ($1,330)
  4. Qatar ($1,300)
  5. Switzerland ($875)
  6. San Marino ($838)
  7. Denmark ($800)
  8. Ireland ($797)
  9. United Arab Emirates ($720)
  10. Netherlands ($704)