Qantas Airlines
Credit: Rusell Hendry/Getty Images

The results are in, and Qantas’ next European non-stop flight could be one like you’ve never seen before.

Passengers who have flown on the Australian airline’s 17-hour nonstop service between Perth and London know that passing the time and staying healthy on such a long haul is key to staying comfortable while in the air.

The airline has clearly kept passenger comfort in mind: opting for a high-efficiency HEPA filtration system, 15-minute stretching classes before flights in the airline’s lounges, better in-flight entertainment than ever, in-flight menus crafted to support the body through the stress of travel, high quality amenity kits and generally better stowage. However, according to The Daily Mail, the airline has carried out surveys with passengers on its Perth to London flight to find out what they really want while they travel.

Turns out, health and wellness activities are key.

Qantas hopes to start a nonstop service between London and Sydney as early as 2022, but even on the airline’s Airbus SE A350 or Boeing Co 777X jet, the proposed route could take up to 20 hours.

So, passengers told the airline what it really wanted on a flight like this, and among the best perks were wellness amenities like virtual reality relaxation and exercise bikes.

“Customers are sharing some incredibly imaginative ideas, which is an exciting challenge and helps us to think outside of the box to redefine the ultra-long haul experience,” said Qantas industrial designer David Caon in a statement to Reuters.

According to The West Australian, Qantas even entertained the idea of exercise zones and beds in the cargo hold for long haul flights for an idea called “Project Sunrise” at one point. But mostly, neither seem to have come to fruition.

In addition, Qantas passengers also asked for stretching areas, noise canceling headphones, updated and “innovative” cabin designs and an in-flight cafe, The West Australian reported.

Qantas International Chief Executive Alison Webster said that the airline is examining the responses and will go forward with designs that are “both affordable for customers and commercially viable for the airline,” Reuters reported.

Even if just some of these suggestions become a reality, we might even consider living on a Qantas plane — especially one that gets you to Bondi Beach.