The Happiest Place on Earth is quickly becoming the Pinkest Place on Earth.

Disneyland hotel, Paris
Credit: Getty Images

If Cinderella blue, Snow White red, and Belle yellow are the only colors you think of when you dream of Disney, that’s all about to change.

Come April, Disney parks on both coasts will start selling sparkly Minnie ears and spirit jerseys — embossed, long-sleeved, athletic-style shirts — in a faded “millennial pink” hue.

If this news is giving you déja vu, that’s because this baby pink craze comes hot on the heels of rose gold’s takeover at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. Ever since Minnie ears in the wildly trendy hue became a best-selling souvenir last summer, Disney has come out with rose gold margaritas, rose gold cupcakes, rose gold churros, and rose gold shirts to please fans of the sparkly stuff.

Still, millennial pink is different. Unlike rose gold’s darker pink hue with a metallic sheen, millennial pink is a classic bubblegum shade, a cherry blossom pastel with saturation dialed all the way up.

From your souvenirs to your mid-day snack, both tints will be inescapable during your future Disney-going experience. Pastel pink MagicBands are for sale at Walt Disney World (while darker pink ones come complimentary with resort hotel stays), and on Monday, Disneyland Resort added rose gold macarons to its menu.

Available at Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream and Jolly Holiday Bakery, the cookie sandwich comes filled with strawberry compote and lemon buttercream — and just like the ultra-trendy ears arriving in April, it’s topped with its very own baby pink Minnie bow. Even if pink is not your preferred color, it’s impossible not to admit that a perfectly pink dessert wearing its own tiny pink souvenir is enticingly cute.

And these delightfully pink-hued treats and eats are likely here to stay. Whether you’re onboard with the millennial pink and rose gold trends or you don’t get what the fuss is about, food, beverages, clothing, souvenirs, and merchandise in trendy and Instagrammable colors seem to be just what Disney-loving fans and park-goers are looking for.