By Andrea Romano
August 14, 2018
Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park, showing the fairytale castle, Orlando
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

While Disney touts its parks as the happiest and most magical places on Earth, there’s one group of people who may only see a trip to the park as a stressful day of juggling hyperactive kids: parents.

Comedian John Crist definitely understands parents' plight. In a video, Crist perfectly sums up the experience of the typical Disney World Dad, full of sweat, sore feet, and an empty wallet from buying his numerous kids expensive souvenirs. It’s all just too real.

Hey, anything to keep the family happy, right?

According to Today, Crist does not have children of his own, but anyone who has been left in charge of little humans knows the struggle of keeping them entertained and fed. It’s harder than it looks, people.

Crist covers every park frustration, from overpriced gear to kids who won’t stop asking for food to the constant search for that one ride with an air conditioner.

Parents, prepare to be triggered.