Here's Every Alcoholic Drink You'll Soon Be Able to Order at Disneyland

Disneyland will serve beer, wine, and cocktails for the first time when Star Wars land opens Oga's Cantina.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disneyland - Alcoholic Beverages
Photo: Courtesy of Disney

Traveling to the great unknown, seeing BB-8 up close — there are plenty of reasons to get excited for the new Star Wars land opening at Disneyland this summer, but for adults, one may reign supreme: booze.

For the first time in its nearly 64 years of existence, Disneyland will serve beer, wine, and cocktails when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31.

The California theme park, which debuted in 1955, has never previously offered alcohol to the public until the debut of Star Wars land. Piloting the Millennium Falcon will be a thrill, but being able to sip a refreshing craft beer or space cocktail like your Jedi heroes might be even more of a game-changer for Disney audiences. (Don’t forget you’ll need a reservation to grab alcoholic drinks at this interplanetary watering hole during its first few weeks of operation.)

The rum punches and crazy cocktails served at Oga’s Cantina, the bar within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, are a mix of unexpected flavors in space-worthy colors. The orange Outer Rim, a galactic twist on a margarita with a black salt rim, and the citrus-based Fuzzy Tauntaun, topped withyellow foam, are two of the brightest and most exciting concoctions to be found at the Star Wars-inspired bar and lounge, but there are plenty other boozy secrets in store. The bitter grapefruit Jedi Mind Trick serves up surprises with its sweet-turned-savory botanical transformation, while the Yub Nub pairs passion fruit with rum punch and the Bespin Fizz gives the Cosmopolitan a shimmery, bubbly twist. (Early risers will cherish the Bloody Rancor, a spicy, lemon-pepper Bloody Mary drink with a meringue bone garnish, a reference to the Star Wars film "Return of the Jedi.")

Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disneyland - Alcoholic Beverages
Courtesy of Disney

Details are soon to be released about the bar’s other cocktails, like the Spriran Caf, Jet Juice, T-16 Skyhopper, and Dagobah Slug Slinger, but we’re told this Star Wars Land cantina won’t have a full bar setup — there apparently aren’t any create-your-own gin and tonic drinks on Batuu — and the focus will be the current drink menu.

Prefer beer or wine? This Galaxy’s Edge cantina has those as well. A hop-filled Bad Motivator IPA (referencing the droid Luke Skywalker nearly bought instead of R2-D2), White Wampa Ale wheat beer, and Spiced Runner dark red cider round out the current beer list — all from hand-selected breweries that have not yet been announced — while the wine selections, including Imperial Red cabernet and Toniray, a white wine supposedly found on the planet Alderaan, fuel the Star Wars background story.

Disneyland’s first bar also offers plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for kids and teetotalers alike, each created with a level of detail on par with the cantina’s cocktails. Opt for the Cliff Dweller, a creamy fruit punch with hints of coconut and ginger that is shaken and strained, or the Blue Bantha, a chilled, non-dairy blue milk paired with a stylized cookie. Sip a drink in the corner, take in the pop songs from DJ R-3X, and have a snack, like Oga’s Obsession or the savory pub mix, and you’ll feel just like Han Solo at Mos Eisley’s cantina — only with fewer bounty hunters looming.

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