England is currently covered in snow.

england snow winter storm
Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

If freezing temperatures and blankets of snow weren't enough to stun folks in the United Kingdom, imagine seeing what appears to be a snow tornado.

That's what one resident captured in a video taken in Brixham, England, when a funnel cloud formed over the small town. The video – posted by a Twitter account that shares severe weather in Europe – showed the eerie image as snow blanketed the land below.

It was captioned, "WOW!! A rare winter tornado in Brixham, SW England today, Feb 28th. Notice the snow covering the ground."

While the Twitter account called the weather a "rare winter tornado," but BBC identified the event as a funnel cloud. Funnel clouds appear like tornadoes, but they do not touch the ground and therefore don't cause the same kind of damage. What they can do, however, is trigger tornado warnings in an area, as many tornadoes start initially as funnel clouds.

The extreme weather formation is just one of the unusual sights caused by the winter storm. In London, a man attempted to ski down the street despite the lack of heavy snowfall as passersby looked on.

Outside of the United Kingdom, other European countries like Scotland, Germany, France and Italy also experienced wintry conditions this week. In Scotland, officials issued their first "red alert" for extreme weather conditions, and Rome was covered in snow for the first time in six years, creating beautiful images and even enticing priests and nuns to engage in a snowball fight.