John Wayne Airport from above
Credit: Bruce B. Clarke/Getty Images

A driver in Newport Beach was shocked when a piece of a part from a plane taking off from John Wayne International Airport landed on their car.

The incident on December 29 was confirmed on Wednesday and there were no injuries, according to the Los Angeles Times. The part was a fuel vent, “about the size of a dinner plate,” that fell on the car's hood and left a gash.

The fuel vent cover reportedly came off a United Airlines Airbus A320. The plane itself would have been about 1,000 feet in the air at the time the cover came off, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. As concerning as the issue is, there is also a failsafe in case the cover comes off. In this instance, there is a valve that keeps fuel from leaking out of the plane.

“At United, safety is our top priority,” airline spokesman Charles Hobart said in a statement. “We are reviewing this incident internally and working with the authorities and manufacturers.”

Members of the Newport Beach community have been campaigning to move airport departures closer to the bay. The FAA just recently reached a tentative settlement with Newport Beach and Orange County to adjust airplane routes to reduce noise and pollution over neighborhoods, the OC Register reported.

The FAA is working with United to investigate what happened.