Emirates Just Released a Photo of Its First Class Bar Blinged Out in 500,000 Crystals

Emirates released the image less than a year after revealing what an entire plane would look like covered in bling.

Emirates Diamond Suite
Photo: Sara Shakeel

Last year, the internet freaked out when Emirates posted a photo of one of its 777 planes totally covered in crystals. The photo, which is only a rendering of what the plane would look like, was created by Sara Shakeel, an artists famous for blinging out mundane objects. Considering the airline's upscale taste and the poshness that comes from Dubai, people around the world speculated whether or not the photo was real.

And now, Shakeel is back, giving Emirates another imaginative look at what their planes would look like decked out and shining in crystals. But this time she took us inside a plane.

Emirates’ A380 is a massive airplane that — wait for it — has an onboard bar. Yes, a bar on an airplane you can actually hang out in. And Shakeel reimagined it with a very shiny upgrade. According to Emirates, an expert at Swarovski said it would take around 500,000 crystals and nearly four weeks of work to make this image a reality.

But even without the crystal bar, Emirates is known for bringing world-class service to flights traveling all over the world. The flight attendants go through extensive training to make sure passengers are not only safe, but extremely comfortable. Their first class suites offer total privacy from the rest of the plane with an entire 40 square feet all to yourself.

But what else can you expect from one of Travel + Leisure’s top 10 international airlines?

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