As part of his most recent tour, the Rocket Man will perform inside the famous archaeological site.

Elton John
Credit: Getty Images

Sir Elton John has played some of the world’s most impressive venues, but his plans for this summer may out-cool them all. On July 12, during his Wonderful Crazy Night tour, he’ll be hosting a concert at the ancient ruins of Pompeii.

Until recently, the exact date for this once-in-a-lifetime performance has been hush-hush, though an online ad by creative agency D'Alessandro e Galli has recently revealed that detail in its copy: “Elton John in the most picturesque of the scenarios. July 12 Pompeii.”

A little background: the archaeological site in Southern Italy was a booming Roman city before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD enveloped the metropolis in ash and pumice, killing all of its inhabitants. It was discovered and excavated almost 1,500 years later, revealing an incredibly preserved ancient city. For hundred of years tourists have flocked to the area to walk the expansive grounds and see its ancient artifacts.

There are two possible locations Elton could perform: the Large Theatre or The Amphitheater. The Large Theater holds approximately 1,400 people, while the Amphitheater holds no more than 2,000 people and was made famous by Pink Floyd in 1972, when they filmed Live at Pompeii—sans audience.