Learn More About Your Ancestors With Ellis Island’s New $30 Research Program

Researchers will uses the historic records to help you discover where you came from.

Ellis Island wants to help you find out exactly where you came from.

The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation has long been a favorite destination for Americans to visit to try and learn a bit about their family history. And, as Time Out explained, the foundation has more than enough data for people to pull from.

However, it may be too much data. According to Time Out, the foundation has collected more than 65 million pieces of data over the years, placing it all in its immigration hub, to help people trace their ancestors and their first steps on American soil. But, if the idea of sifting through all that data seems overwhelming, the foundation is willing to do the work for you.

The organization is now offering a dedicated passenger search for just $30. With it, all customers need to do is provide a name for an ancestor who may have traveled through Ellis Island, plus any other helpful information. Then, a dedicated researcher will track down what they can find about your family.

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“Let us guide you on your genealogical journey! With your $30 donation, our dedicated team will try to uncover your connection to Ellis Island,” the foundation describes on the listing.

The organization further explained, "This team consists of the same research staff that you would normally meet in our American Family Immigration History Center on Ellis Island. Your donation secures a 30-minute research session conducted by the team, with the funds supporting the Foundation’s mission and our commitment to keeping these 65 million records available for people all over the globe.”

If researchers are successful, the team will send a digital copy of the ship manifest displaying your ancestor’s arrival in the United States. Then, when Foundation’s office reopens, the team will put a hard copy on archival paper and send it your way. Go ahead, add your family’s history to your digital shopping cart and have something to discuss at dinner for years to come.

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