Man Runs 26-mile Marathon on His Balcony After Barcelona Race Is Canceled Due to Coronavirus

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Elisha Nochomovitz, who was supposed to run the Barcelona marathon earlier this month, took the race to his balcony in France instead, as the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 32-year-old, who took lockdown precautions in his town of Balma, France very seriously by not running outside, ran about 3,000 laps on his 23-foot long balcony with a total finish time of six hours and 48 minutes.

"My only pleasure is running, no matter what the time," Nochomovitz told CNN, adding that his marathon run was dedicated to the frontline health workers who are battling the virus.

It turns out, his balcony marathon was much more difficult than any race he had participated in before due to the tight space.

But just like a normal marathon, there were people on hand to cheer him on. Nochomovitz’s girlfriend was nearby, feeding him M&Ms and Coca Cola to help him refuel during the grueling race.

Nochomovitz was supposed to participate in the Barcelona marathon on March 15 but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions in Spain. France has been under similar lockdown regulations since March 14, where citizens in both countries are ordered to only leave their homes for essential needs.

Both countries have tens of thousands of coronavirus cases confirmed.

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