African Elephant inside Kruger National Park
Credit: Jeff R Clow/Getty Images

Beggars can't be choosers. And as the wisest in the animal kingdom, elephants know this.

So when a group of parched elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa, came across a hotel swimming pool, they didn't inspect the water for germs, and they didn't care that there were people watching. They lapped it up.

The group of three elephants stopped by the hotel swimming pool to quench their thirst. Only two of the elephants stuck their trunks in the pool to drink the water. The third declined to partake, likely questioning the sanitation of hotel swimming pool water.

It was a memorable encounter for the two tourists sitting on the deck of the pool, but just an average stop at a local watering hole for the elephants.

South Africa is currently experiencing its dry season, when rivers shrivel up and water is scarce to be found. During this time, elephants must be more enterprising about their beverage selection.

"They are opportunistic animals and will stop at any water for a drink if within their reach," Ivan Ueckermann, the man who shot the video, told the Daily Mail. "It was just awesome to witness, they are super relaxed with human presence and come and go at their own will."