That "City of Light" nickname just took on a new meaning.

Everyone loves a visit to the Eiffel Tower, and Mother Nature is no exception.

On Monday, the city of Paris was placed on storm alert, according to The Local, along with large areas of the northern and western parts of France. During the nationwide storm, a lightning bolt struck the Eiffel Tower, and the incredible sight was captured and shared on social media.

The tower appeared to be hit several times, with each strike looking more spectacular than the last.

But the show isn’t over yet. As The Local reported, the worst of the weather is expected to hit the European city the night of Tuesday, May 29.

And, like we said, Paris wasn’t the only place feeling nature’s wrath this weekend. Social media users also shared several images of lightning bolts striking throughout the country. This image, for example, was shot at Sedan, a community in northeastern France.

And in Bordeaux, a violent hailstorm covered roads and gardens with giant chunks of ice.

As Méteo France reported, May has been an extremely active month for lightning, seeing more strikes than any month since the year 2000.

According to, the poor conditions will continue throughout Tuesday, and clearing will begin on Wednesday. By next week, visitors to the City of Light can expect a lovely 78 degrees and sunny view of the Eiffel Tower once more.