Restless sleepers, beware.


Most people love hotel beds because they’re soft and luxurious. However, there are some travelers out there who prefer a constant adrenaline rush to a comfortable night's sleep.

A unique B&B, the brainchild of climber Eddy Young, offers thrill-seekers the chance to sleep on the face of a cliff in Dorset, about 60 feet above the English Channel.

Cliff Camping Dorset
Credit: Aidan Robinson/Mercury Press & Media

Sounds relaxing.

Young’s website describes his “portaledge,” or cliff camping, idea as “a tent in the world of vertical life.” In order to go cliff camping, apparently all you need is a “sense of adventure, a head for heights, and a basic level of fitness.”

Of course, if you’re prone to tossing and turning at night, we assume this is not right for you.

An overnight stay, which includes dinner, costs £450 (just under $640 USD) for one person, and £250 (about $355 USD) per person for two people. If you have three or more people in your party, you’ll need to contact Young’s company directly.

It’s slighting cheaper to enjoy lunch and watch the sunset without staying overnight.

According to the Daily Mail, only six people have opted for this experience. Young told the news site, however, that the experience is very comfortable and safe.

“The clients will stay tied to a harness and the portaledge sinks a bit in the middle to stop you rolling off,” Young said.

Guests need to bring warm clothes, appropriate climbing shoes, a camera (of course), and any personal essentials such as medications they may need on the trip.

“Of course, a sense of adventure is most important,” it says on the website. For more information on booking a cliff camping trip, as well as other activities, visit the Young’s Adventure Solutions website.