By Evie Carrick
August 02, 2019
Credit: Getty Images

Flight delays happen — but usually, we expect them not to last longer than a few hours. That wasn’t the case for over 130 passengers on EasyJet’s flight EZY6474 who were traveling to Newcastle from Jersey, an island in the English Channel.

The flight was scheduled to leave Jersey on July 30, but there was a technical issue with the plane that resulted in a nightmare travel delay. Passengers found themselves stranded after the airline was unable to fix the the original plane or locate a replacement plane.

“We are very sorry that the flight EZY6474 from Jersey to Newcastle on 30 July was delayed overnight," EasyJet spokesperson Holly Mitchell said in a statement to USA TODAY. "This was due to a technical issue with the aircraft which required an engineering inspection."

Mitchell then added, "Engineers attended the aircraft but unfortunately this could not be resolved which caused a further delay. The flight was due to operate this morning but the issue was unable to be resolved and so a replacement aircraft will operate the flight from Jersey later today."

After the first overnight, passengers and family members grew more and more frustrated with the airline. One passenger posted on Twitter: “Been stuck in Jersey Airport for 48 hours. We were due to depart on Tuesday afternoon and it’s now Thursday afternoon. I know all the staff in duty free by their first names and also know their blood type. I’m very over it.”

The son of a couple on the flight said on Twitter: “People are in tears. People have run out of medication. It’s becoming a very serious issue very quickly. There are elderly passengers, children, and others who are struggling.”

"We provided for hotel accommodation and meals as well as the option of transferring to an alternative flight free of charge," Mitchell said in the statement. "Customers are also entitled to compensation in line with EU261.”