Easy Jet airplane love poems
Credit: Courtesy of Easy Jet

Do love poems make your heart flutter, or do they kind of make you queasy?

Well, the irony is not lost on British budget airline easyJet.

The airline is offering a special promotion for (literally) love sick travelers on their flights. According to the Metro, the company claims that passengers often leave poems behind on sick bags for other hopeless romantics to find on their flights.

So, they’re offering a nice deal for those daydreamers out there to get a little payback in return.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, if you are inspired to write a love poem on the back of an easyJet airsick bag (preferably unused), you’ll be entered for a chance to win a pair of tickets to anywhere within the airline's network. We assume the tickets would be for you and your lover.

As the Metro reported, easyJet found that 29% of their Flight Club customers are in long-distance relationships and that 250,000 couples are expected to fly off on romantic mini-breaks during spring. No wonder so many of their customers are forlorn lovers just trying to see their beloveds.

The winner of the contest will be decided by Daisy Goodwin, who writes the PBS show “Victoria,” as well as several novels and poetry.

The campaign runs until the end of February, and all participants must take a photo of their bags and tag @easyjet using the hashtag #LoveSickSonnets.