Soon, daredevils will have one more reason to visit Dubai.

By Melissa Locker
April 28, 2016
aykon dare
Credit: Aykon City Hotel

In addition to the Marvel, Warner Bros., and Cartoon Network theme parks that are in the works, a skyscraper infinity pool, a zipline suspended over the city, and plans to reclaim the title of world’s tallest tower, one more attraction for thrill seekers is coming to Dubai—a skywalk, suspended 935 feet in the air.

Aykon City, a new luxury hotel and apartment development in the center of Dubai, is hoping to attract adrenaline junkies with its new skywalk, fittingly called the Aykon Dare.

The concept is similar to the heart-pumping stunts offered at the EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower or the SkyWalk at Auckland’s Sky Tower, which has dangled hundreds of civilians hundreds of feet in the air. According to Time Out Dubai, Aykon City’s website describes the jaw-dropping walk as a “magnificent al fresco experience for the adventurous that offers an entirely new perspective on the city and a breathtaking adrenaline rush.”

To get that “adrenaline rush,” brave souls must climb to the tower’s 78th floor, and walk out onto a landing platform (if their legs will carry them there). They will then be strapped into harnesses that are wired to the rooftop to climb up the skywalk and out into a glass-floored viewing capsule, which sits on top of the tallest tower in the development. The Skywalk is meant to give visitors "the feeling of walking in the air" while keeping them safe above the city’s streets.

If you’re brave enough to make it up there, standing outside of the development’s tallest tower affords an unparalleled panoramic view of the city, if you can see through your fingers covering your face in fear, that is.

The whole experience is meant to take about an hour, leaving plenty of time to recover in any of Dubai’s bars.

Take a virtual tour of the entire Aykon City development here.