Dog Winter Snow Boots
| Credit: Jessica Plautz

This week’s snow may be rough — but at least you’re not a dog.

Not only must our four-legged companions deal with cold temperatures, they have the added challenge of trying to navigate the snowy terrain in new footwear.

And humans don’t always understand that dogs need the proper-sized footwear before they go on their walks.

Some dogs begin to prance like reindeer once they don their booties.

Although the boots may protect dogs from snow and ice, some still choose to howl about it.

Some dogs can get the walk half-right.

And some just downright refuse the whole charade.

Although there are some dogs that don’t seem to mind their funny new snow shoes.

The funny walk is most likely because dogs use the pads of their feet for balance. The fabric of a bootie is a foreign sensation for dogs, but one to which they generally quickly adjust.

“Dog whisperer” Cesar Milano recommends slowly acclimating dogs to the booties (preferably with video evidence for the rest of the internet) before taking them on their first walk outdoors.